Beating heart of a united Berlin.

The Hotel Indigo Berlin – Centre Alexanderplatz is situated at a history-charged location in Berlin.

Especially in the twenties the „ wild” entertainment scene of Berlin was located here with its famous underworld flair as described in Döblins´ novel „Berlin Alexanderplatz“ or picturized (darkly) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
The primarily after the Kingsgate named place was renamed for a visit of Tsar Alexander I. into Alexanderplatz (Alexander Square). In vernacular speech it was named Alex later on. The place always had a great importance as Center of communication due to the commuting flow of different traffic lines and therefore a permanent high emergence of people. The building development with hotels, theatres, cabarets and shopping malls reached its zenith in the 20ties as already described before.

A central position in the urban district „Mitte“ (with its red town hall) has also the Neptune fountain”. As a 10 meters high central figure, Neptun is smoothing the waves of action in between children who are symbols of the sparkling life and the attractive women who personate the rivers Oder, Rhein, Weichsel and Elbe. In our design approach Neptun (as semitransparent picture) is taking over the role as the connecting element between bathroom and room, an organizing metaphor between historic age and modern age which is represented through the icon of the TV tower.

The story of the attractive fountain women is taken up in our corridor design in form of portraits and explaining texts, as the urbanistic position of the place and its buildings in the flow of time. We design the corridors as a piece of urban city passed through by coloured life in which the concrete façades mutate into a little beech copse.
With its commuting traffic flows, with its abraded metropolitan building sculptures the place offers a colourful piece of current city culture, which is still in motion and is looking into a future of architectural changes. The development of the place is still in progress, open, not static and not finished.

Bar and lobby reflect this flow of thoughts and the development in picking up the historic elements into the latest past. The exhibition of GDR utensils and the fish as metaphor for “wise” motivity.

The „feeling Alexanderplatz“ is not imposed on the guest but appears – in the gentle awareness of all the details and material combinations. As piece of urban nature and city culture in the middle of the major city.”